VW Beetle Conversion

In order to provide practical education for the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and promote UCLA sustainability, BHS is transforming a classic 1974 Special Edition Volkswagen Beetle into a fully functioning electric car. We have completed a full exterior restoration and are now turning our attention to electrical system and powertrain. We will be using an AC induction motor and have partnered with an LA company called Romeo Power to use a ~100 mile range lithium ion battery. Throughout the project we will be documenting the conversion process and creating a manual that will be publicly available for other people that want to conduct EV retrofits. Carpeting, roofing, and seat upholstery have been redone, and the EV powertrain has been tested successfully. Funding from TGIF and support from local lithium ion battery manufacturer Romeo Power, who has gifted BHS with a custom battery with a 100 mile range, have allowed for the progress of this project and its anticipated completion in May 2019.

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