The Luskin Hydroponics Project is a research initiative to study urban food production that uses less resources than convention farming and produces zero waste. BHS designed, installed, and is now operating an automated hydroponics farm on the roof of the Luskin School of Public Affairs. Our goal is to increase the availability of nutritious produce for students and bolster food security on campus. Accordingly, the farm is growing salad greens and herbs that are donated to the UCLA Central Programming Office’s (CPO) Food Closet and offered at on-campus farmers markets. For research, the hydroponics farm will collect data and wirelessly upload it to a website. Data collection will enable BHS to monitor and control the system in real time to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency. Additionally, it will provide insight into key variables that can be adjusted to optimize plant growth. Our website will serve as an open media platform that provides this valuable information for free to the public and acts as an educational tool for sustainability.m is scheduled for Winter 2019, with the first produce yield anticipated in Spring 2019.

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