Our mealworm team was awarded UCLA’s Green Gala Award for Research Project of the Year this past academic year and $7,000 through The Green Initiative Fund for our various initiatives. Most notably, the mealworm team has been working at UCLA’s Dr. Kym F. Faull, PhD and his lab to study the processes that the worm's gut bacteria use to breakdown and bio-remediate styrofoam. Our ultimate goal is to optimize the process of turning plastic into viable food as outlined in the flow chart above. Our initiatives attempt to use the various outputs of mealworms within this process, including building an efficient and productive tower for mealworm farming, analyzing the biochemical content of mealworm frass (poop) and exoskeletons to use as plant fertilizer, and developing nutritionally optimal fish food with mealworms for our aquaponics system. We value diverse interests, majors and personalities and we don’t require pre-existing experience with mealworms or research--we just require passion! Learn more about our projects in the chart below

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