BHS bodies must fill out the Fund Application Form each time they apply for funding of any kind. Just follow the prompts to get your application submitted to BHS. The finance team will then review your application and let you know if it is approved or suggest changes/additions. Once approved by BHS finance, the BHS project team may independently submit its approved application to the particular allocator to which it is applying for funding.
Any BHS member that is ready to submit a reimbursement request for any approved project expenses should fill out the Disbursement Request Form. Just follow the detailed instructions contained within this form and submit. Your reimbursement request will then be handled and a check will then be sent out to you. You will primarily pull from your own teams funds, but in certain cases you can apply to have purchases reimbursed through use of the BHS general fund. Contact if you have a purchase that may necessitate use of the BHS general fund
Here is a growing list of funding application opportunities compiled by the BHS Finance Fundraising Applications Team. If you are seeking funding outside of or in addition to TGIF funding, this is a great place to start your search.
Use the Wishlist Google Form to add something to the shared BHS wishlist! Any supply requests that would generally benefit BHS can be put here so if extra funds are available, they can be put to good use.
Attached here is the 2021-2022 BHS Sponsorship Packet. This is the go to resource to give to potential BHS sponsors. It includes information about BHS in general, highlights specific projects, provides a list of sponsorship levels and associated perks, and concludes with a legally sound sponsorship contract.
Want to approach a particular individual or company regarding a sponsorship for your BHS project team? We have resources for you. Linked here are the BHS Resources for Project Teams Seeking Sponsors. Be sure to start off with the main document -- BHS Sponsorship Recruitment Protocol & Guidelines; it will outline everything you need to know (and provides a variety of email templates!) in an attempt to make it as easy as possible for BHS Project Teams to find Sponsors!
Resources from past BHS finance seminars can be found in this folder. You have access to both the slide decks as well as the recordings of past finance seminars. These seminars are designed to include every last bit of finance information that could be of use to the BHS project teams and are thus rich with helpful information! Of course, if you have any outstanding questions, always feel free to reach out to the finance channel of the BHS discord or to!